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Creative Mindset

In my mind, the ability to find the right balance is the key to success, whether personally, professionally, or in the extra curricular, a health body, and a healthy mind contribute to a healthy life. To support a healthy mind, I have found the principles of mindfulness particularly useful, helping me stay in the present, maintain focus, and not bite off more than I can chew. The playing of sports have also played a major role in helping to achieve a balanced frame of mind, but the single biggest contributing factor to my achieving a state of balance has been my ability to have a real creative outlet outside of the core responsibilities that have coloured my day to day professional life.

That creative flare has and continues to be expressed through the annual event that I produce at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), in Sydney Australia, where all elements of event design, production and management are envisaged and made real by myself and the wonderful team that each year comes together to create a NYE spectacular. Established in Sydney, Australia in 2008 "Essential Events Management" is an event management company that has gone from strength to strength. In that time we have successfully produced in house events under our own brands, as well as collaborating with a range of world class brands and artists to produce events at some of the world most famous and stunning locations. To see artwork from my past events please click on the following link:

Recent Events

Brand Development & Collaborations


In Sydney we continue to produce our annual New Year's Eve event "Gorgeous Presents..." at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), an amazing venue superbly located between the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and set aside the beautiful Sydney Harbour, whilst Seb Zito, Lamache, Richy Ahmed, OXIA, Agoria, Anja Schneider, Ralf Kollmann, Rodriguez Jr, Satoshi Tomiie, Carlo Lio, Martin Buttrich, Tini, Troy Pierce, H.O.S.H, And.ID, Miss Jools, Ray Okpara, Cesar Vs. Disorder, Crazy P and Yousef are some of the stand out international acts that we've had the privilege of working with. To see all trailers from our past events please click on the below link:



Mobilee Records launched in 2005 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest new stars within Berlin's glittering galaxy of electronic music labels. Founded and owned by Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann, the label boasts a sound that is simultaneously familiar and innovative.

Over a period of 8 years i've managed four significant collaborations with mobilee records, which included the UAE and Sydney legs of the Mobilee Rooftop World Tour, which also stopped off in amazing locations such as Denmark, Portugal, Lebanon, Poland, Malta, the USA and South Africa before we took over to host the grand finale in Sydney for what was a spectacular end to 2016.


Silent Disco King Australia is a brand that I co-developed, and a business that we grew and that I ultimately sold on to my business partner in the venture. It’s a simple story, we fell in love with Silent Disco, and set about creating the best silent events business in Australia. In the 5 years that I held a Directorship with the company we collaborated with some amazing brands, including Australia’s biggest touring festival Big Day Out, Sydney’s Royal Easter Show and Vivid Sydney, where we offered a service that was second to none.

Our headphones were an innovative technology and delivered superior comfort and incredible sound, with up to 3 audio channels, stunning flashing LED lights, a sleek black design, with kits to suit different events and usage requirements, examples being schools, clubs, colleges, churches, festivals and private individuals, who used the kits for everything from parties, to language translations, silent cinema to art exhibits, exam tests to DJ competitions, and much much more, notable community events being our partnership with local council to deliver events like the Ssshh @ Bondi Beach water safety events.

In Silent Disco King Australia (similarly with FACT Australia and Shipwrecked Sydney), we took an International brand and adopted a localisation strategy to launch the brand, product and service in Australia to an audience that had no experience of the technology, and we were hugely innovative and successful in all that we did, my legacy being that the company that we worked so hard to establish continues successfully to this day.


Carpet Karaoke was born in Manchester, England on 23rd Mar 2020 after I'd been in self isolation for 8 days. As well as keeping parents and/or their kids busy for a few hours the hope was to encourage people to self isolate and stay in doors to help save lives. I was stranded in the UK due to the Coronavirus lockdown, having travelled back to the UK to complete my MSc. Like so many people I had to adjust to the rapidly changing situation associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. To help myself and others with the mental challenge that the circumstances created, I developed the “Carpet Karaoke”. Players are tasked with creating and uploading a video of themselves singing karaoke, the rules are as follows:

1. Must be an existing song
2. Make words relevant / funny
3. Must be age appropriate
4. Must sing on a carpet
5. Must pass it on...nominate
6. Following rules saves lives

Check out the facebook page on the below link to see all of the video submissions, including a few cringe worthy renditions of my own.

#carpetkaraoke #stayinsavelives